The Family as the body by Clement Kofi Amoah

Our body is a perfect symbol of the family we find ourselves in. I mean the nuclear family.

The body is made up of different parts just like the family and if a part cease to function or play it part it causes a disaster (sickness). Therefore, playing our part well in the family helps in achieving the goals of the family.


1. The head (Father)

The head has a lot of responsibilities. He is to think for the family. The whole brain of the family is in the head. He needs to be firm to make right decisions for the family. He is also to see for the family. He is the eyes of the family. He must be able to forsee what is coming, good or bad. A blind head or a visionless head will lead the family to debt and destruction. Be a visionary head. He is also to hear or listen. The father (head) has the ear of the family. The head is to hear for the family. He must be spiritually fit to hear what God want for the family. A deaf ear might just do things anyhow. He must have a listening ear to listen to what the other parts wants. The head is also the spokesman for the family. He must be able to stand and speak for the family. A head without a mouth will be taken for granted. Talk to the other parts of the family to know their needs. The head has a lot of responsibilities and taking your time to perform them right will put the other parts in their right position.

2. The Neck (Mother)

The neck carries the head. It also connects the head to the other parts of the body. So as a mother or wife, you carry your husband or the father. You need to help carry his vision to where it wants to go. And you must communicate right from the father to the children. You support the head to shield the other part of the body. You have a great responsibility. Carrying the head is not easy. Where you turn to is where the head moves. Imagine the head messing up and the neck decides to just turn it anyhow….

3. The Branches; the Hand and the Legs (Children)

The hand and the legs are the children. There were times the leg couldn’t walk and the hand couldn’t hold onto anything although the neck was carrying the head and the head was, thinking, seeing and all that. It got to a time that the leg can now walk, and the hand can hold onto anything it want to. This is how the children are. The neck and the head have perform their duties on you, you grow, it’s your duty to walk the family to its final destination (accomplishing the goals). It’s your duty to hold unto the secrets of the family. Support the head and neck in their old age. Hold them and carry them to where they wants to get to. Feed the head and the neck will get its share. Don’t think the head and the neck will always be strong enough to help you. They will be sick at times, it’s up to you the hold them and carry them around.

4. The Stomach (The House)

The house is what we have built. Bid house (pot belly) or small house (small bell). It doesn’t really matter which house we build. So far as we store good things in the house, it will start healthy. The house hold or join all the parts together to make them one unit. At the end of the day, whatever we get are brought to the house. Our secrets and all that. If you put something bad in the house, it gets running stomach.

If we don’t want our family to keep running to unpleasant things or people, then each part of the body must perform it’s duty right.

Copyright 2019

Clement Koffi Amoah

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